Indecisiveness: Cognition and Free Tickets

Topics: Cognition, Anxiety, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: October 31, 2012

The topic that I chose is indecisiveness. The meaning for indecisiveness is: characterized by lack of decision and firmness. In my opinion being indecisiveness can be maddening for both the indecisive individual and for the people they associate with who are looking to them for an answer. Indecisive people can obsess about big things, such as buying a house or car but more often than that, they worry about the small things such as whether or not I should hang out with friends, or if I should buy this jacket or these shoes.

The problem with being indecisive about the smaller things is the amount of time it wastes and the amount of unnecessary worry it causes. However the problem with being indecisive about the bigger things is that often the window of opportunity to make a decision is limited and so if someone cant make a decision for themselves, or other people, circumstances make the decision for them. For example: you might procrastinate on writing a paper for school, or turn in application for your student body government, or even applying for a job and find out that you have waited so long that the deadline for the submission has passed. Or even if someone offers you free tickets to a show, a game, or even a concert you might take so long deciding that someone else steps in and has taken your place. Basically being indecisive can mean that you miss out on a lot of good opportunities.

Unfortunately, indecisive people just don’t stop worrying about their decision after they have made it. Instead, they worry that they made the wrong decision! A lot of it comes from not trusting your own judgment. Some people actually know what they want, but simply don’t trust their own judgment enough to follow their intuition. They continually ask other people for advice and confirmation; following someone else’s advice rather than following their own inner wisdom. Heres the fundamental lesson indecisive people need to learn in order to overcome it...
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