Inculcation of Human Values

Topics: Sociology, Sathya Sai Baba, Morality Pages: 4 (737 words) Published: May 27, 2011
“If human values take root in the educational system, the emerging individuals will have the following attributes: They will want peace & justice in a world that acknowledges the rule of law and in which no nation or individual need live in fear; Freedom and self reliance to be available to all;

The dignity & work of every person to be recognized & safeguarded; All people to be given an opportunity to achieve their best in life; and They will seek equality before the law and the equality of opportunity for all”. Sathya Sai

Now we are living in the Modern, Scientific and Technological world. Science and Technology have brought enormous changes in the society. The attitudes of the people are also changes in the day to day life of human beings. Man is a unique creation in this universe that under certain parameters is free to make his own destiny. Now, if man has to make his destiny, the question of values in life comes up. He has to think naturally as to what should be the guiding norms of life process. It is therefore clear that the guiding factors for man, which provide the prime motivating force behind his thought, emotion and action, have to be moral and spiritual. The socio-cultural and spiritual life of man has to bring peace, progress and welfare for both the individual and the society. This is precisely the reason why the modern society is worried about the deterioration of values. Having diagnosed the present problem, we have to find the remedy for this situation before there is further deterioration of values in the wider interest of the mankind. With the help of Science (Exhibitions) and Technology (Print & Electronic Media and Mass Media) including social awareness programmes we can inculcate the values in the people. IMPORTANCE OF VALUES

In today’s multi-cultural and multi-racial society, with its changing social norms and expectations, it can be difficult for a young person to...
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