Increasing Violence in School

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  • Published : November 21, 2006
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Why is violence in our children's schools increasing? Our society wonders what the child that opens fire against his or her classmates are feeling or what's on their mind. I believe that the lack of parental involvement in the student's life may cause violence. Media violence can also be looked at as a potential cause for the increase in school violence.

With the divorce rates skyrocketing, children spend less time with their parents, and the divorce itself might cause rage for the child. The number of divorced people in the population has more than quadrupled from 4.3 million in 1970 to 18.3 million in 1996, according to the census bureau report. With the child spending less time with their parents they may not feel loved so they feel that they have to cause and get into trouble to get attention. Without involvement, they seek out other entertainment.

With the child looking for things to entertain themselves they seek out violent movies and video games to take out their rage. Many psychologists believe that media violence is one of the number one reasons why kids are able to walk into their schools and do gruesome acts of violence. Media violence has been known to strengthen aggression, which may already be at high levels because of the current divorce rates. Playing violent video games and watching horror movies may also cause interpersonal hostility within the individual, as well as the desensitization to the individual to violence. Since, any video games are enhanced with excellent graphics which are very detailed, the child feels as if they are a part of the action and act of violence. If the child continues to play such games and watch intense violence they almost become immune to it, hence, they become desensitized. Violence is instilled in our children's heads; music is constantly talking about violence and killing.

In conclusion, violence in our children can be avoided if we take the necessary measures in showing our kids that it is wrong to kill...
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