Increasing Trend of Drugs Usage in Pakistan Creating Threat to Human Security

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug, Human rights Pages: 10 (3238 words) Published: December 16, 2012

Adil Lashari

Department of Defense & Strategic Studies
Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad

Human security can be defined as the protection of human rights and to fulfill the basic needs of human beings like food, nutrition, clean air and water, sanitation and other precautionary measures to prevent the spread of diseases. It also covers the vast areas of availability of education, health, social progress and developments in short ,human security basically focus on the needs or requirement of people and it also include the awareness of human rights and society it would also cover the awareness of social diseased like poverty, illiteracy, drugs addiction and its causes and consequences . HUMAN SECURITY HAS TWO MAIN ASPECTS:

1. Safety from chronic threats, as hunger and diseases and repression. 2. It means protection from, from sudden threats and hurtful disruptions in the pattern of daily life, whether in homes, in jobs or in communities. Pakistan has been suffering under drug abuse; the problem is from its existence till today. The drugs culture had started in Afghanistan and shifted towards Pakistan with the passage of time. Drug addiction has damaged the identity and dignity of Pakistan throughout the world. It also affects human security in Pakistan. It is so that Pakistan has been known as most significant and top rated state in producing drugs and smuggling of drugs all over the world. The basic about all this is poverty, illiteracy, unawareness about drug addiction. Pakistan has only a producing country but also a most victim of drugs itself. Drugs addiction has created so many problems, it could not be cover in a single, but it would be shortly analyze some basic some problems, which Pakistan has been facing from the social abuse, most important problem is its threat to human security. As we have already defined, human security means basic rights and needs of individual. Because of drug addiction the human rights, education, health, social status, development and good life go to waste. In the perspective of security threat, drugs affecting Pakistani society. There are four sources of security threats: National Security, Redefined Security, Intrastate Security and Human Security. Now we only deal with Human security. It focuses on military and non-military threats to the security of societies, groups and individuals. Under the main concept of human security, there are many other paradigms which come under the human security, following are which are effecting Pakistanis human security because of drugs increase are.. 1. Social security:

Social security measures to ensure the individual social standard of living, it ensures certain standards of goods and services and this is all done by purchasing power to enjoy that standard of also focus on our sources like food and shelter and also focus on a resources like food and shelter and protection from diseases and protection from risk of in concept of social security drugs user in Pakistan mostly are unaware of their social rights. These people lacks the capability to face things, drugs user relationships are in turmoil ,with their families ,friends…etc .because of their addiction, they start to loss there respect in there society, in term of finance and they lack the purchasing power of goods to enjoy the standard of living. And basic sources like food and shelter .digest manly focus to arrange some money to that they can buy drugs.

2. Personal Security:
Personal security depends on our living conditions which guide financial status, wealth a social prestige. It aims to protect individual from physical violence, from state or external states and from violent individuals creating risks and hazards for individuals. Society like Pakistan was there is so high...
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