Increasing Taxes

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The Increase of Sin Taxes
ENG 122

January 28, 2013

Even thought taxes should not be raised, sin taxes should be increased because it’s an advanced payment in the near future. Sin taxes have double benefits of reducing consumption and helping the costs with illness and other problems. The social costs of tobacco and alcohol are spreaded among the entire population, and I believe sin taxes should be increases on products such as liquor because they cause a lot of harm to our society. Having the sin taxes raised for better payments in the future would be very helpful to those who are in need of medical care or any other type of assistance. Give something so that they can actually afford other than spending or wasting money on alcohol and tobacco that could cause damage to their bodies.. The reason why I say this is because the costs of those products to society are all over in the general public in form of people needing affordable attention and immediate care of their health. In other words, people across our nation still have to pay the consequences of smoking and drinking by dealing with the sickness that has been given to them. The more products are raised, the less the people will plan to stop smoking and drinking due to the pricing. It would help others from getting sick and also to save money in their pockets. Additionally, the social costs of tobacco and alcohol are spreading among the entire population. Most people all over the world smokes and drinks and does not think about taking care of them. They can use, misuse, and abuse the substances that contributes heavily to medical costs. When they keep...
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