Increasing Eating Disorders Amongst Teenage Girls in Correlation to Women Portrayed in Music Videos

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Literature Review:
Increasing eating disorders amongst teenage girls in correlation to women portrayed in music videos

Young woman face numerous obstacles and confusion about their body image in everyday life. A lot of teenage female’s views of their body relates to what is displayed in music videos. Music videos are made partly to promote fashion, the music itself, and uphold trends. However, they tend to focus mainly the physical appearances of young people. These trends promote the ideal to be as thin and flawless as possible. This ultimately reinforces eating disorders in young females. A number of females agree to the feeling of wanting to be thin. A study by Marika Tiggemann, Ph.D, (1996), was designed to test the correlation between how women portrayed in the media would affect teen girls who watch the programs. Tiggemann had designed a questionnaire and administered it to 94 teen girls who attended high school. The girls had to watch a certain amount of television in the previous week. The type of television watched was varied and included music videos. The results were that most of the students had felt a sense of wanting to be thinner because this was what was presented to be as beautiful in the music videos that they had watched. The media in question proved to glorify female thinness that could only be achieved through starvation. However, the young girls participating in this study could have preconceived thoughts about their weight and could have already had an eating disorder. This study could have been expanded by including more females from different high schools and communities. A psychological evaluation of participants could have been used to screen the females to determine their state of mind before the test was conducted to provide more accurate results.

Calado 2010 conducted a study administered to 1156 adolescent students between the ages of 14 and 16. Calado used a questionnaire to gain a perspective on how teenagers viewed...
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