Increasing Crime and Violence in the Youth

Topics: Suicide, Crime, Sociology Pages: 10 (3473 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Increase Of crimes and suicides in the youth

“Look famous. Be legendary. Live like a rebel. Appear complex. Act easy. Radiate presence. Travel the world. Dream a dream. Prove reality.”

This is a very befitting way to portray what most refer to the wonder years, their teenage years. The age of many first’s- first days, first dates, first cars, first relationships first loves, first losses, and for some first heart breaks. This is also a time of the first of many experiences, some good, some bad, some regular, some downright bizarre, some of them even eye openers. Years that make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all make you learn to live, love and fight for what you want and deserve.  Life explodes into a cosmos of complications. You're suddenly allowed to do this, but not that. People expect you to take on a more adult role, yet still treat you as a child.   You’re craving for acceptance, your desire to fit in and confirm to teen societal standards, yet stand out and be different. A teen can be simply phrased as a complex. paradox. Teens deserve respect… Allow them to break free and witness them as they soar to greater heights of triumph. The ones who shoulder the responsibility of the future of our world, and yet this is the smarter, braver and more inspired generation is leading us onward to a better, brighter and more advanced future


However teenage years also come with their own set of problems. Peer pressure, temptation, compulsive desire to fit in, gradual drug and alcohol abuse, exposure to violence, constant materialism, lack of parental concern, image pressure are some problem faced by the youth of today. However the biggest crisis faced by today’s youth is delinquent and criminal behavior and increasing number of adolescent suicides.

As they negotiate the transition from childhood to adulthood in an increasingly complex and confusing world, juvenile delinquency rates are on an all time high and rising. Every day, some daily tabloid contains a report about a crime- one convicted by someone who is barely at an age to commit such an offense, forget understand the consequences of his actions. Juvenile delinquency can be defined as “a violation of the law committed by a juvenile and not punishable by death or life imprisonment.” For many young people today, traditional patterns guiding the relationships and transitions between family, school and work are being challenged. Social relations that ensure a smooth process of socialization are collapsing; lifestyle trajectories are becoming more varied and less predictable. It is not only developed countries that are facing this situation; in developing countries as well there are new pressures on young people undergoing the transition from childhood to independence. Rapid population growth, the unavailability of housing and support services, poverty, unemployment and underemployment among youth, the decline in the authority of local communities, overcrowding in poor urban areas, the disintegration of the family, and ineffective educational systems are some of the pressures young people must deal with. Youth nowadays, regardless of gender, social origin or country of residence, are subject to individual risks but are also being presented with new individual opportunities—some beneficial and some potentially harmful. Quite often, advantage is being taken of illegal opportunities as young people commit various offences, become addicted to drugs, and use violence against their peers. Young people who are at risk of becoming delinquent often live in difficult circumstances. Children who for various reasons, orphans or unaccompanied and are without the means of subsistence, housing and other basic necessities are at greatest risk of falling into juvenile delinquency. The number of children in especially difficult circumstances is estimated to have increased...
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