Increase in School Shooting Incidents

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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Alicia Arnold
September, 16th, 2012

W.R. Myers High School
Alberta Taber School Shooting:
A 14 year old boy who had been bullied at W.R. Myers High School in Taber Alberta had entered the school on April. 28. 1999 with a .22 Calibre rifle and opened fire. He killed a 17 year old young boy named Jason Lang. Another 17 year old boy was shot, but fully recovered after the shooting. 14 year old “Todd Cameron Smith” a high school dropout showed signs of depression before the school shooting. Todd Smith had been bullied since grade one. The shooting happened 8 days after the Columbine shooting. It was the first fatal shooting in a high school in nearly 2 decades in Canada. “Todd Smith” saw about the Columbine shooting on the news and snapped. He went to the school opened fired leaving one dead and one severely injured. Who has now recovered from the shooting. After “Todd Smith” was arrested he underwent two-open heart surgeries. Under his last open heart surgery he had a stroke which left him brain damaged and he slipped into a coma. After his stroke he had trouble with speech and also had difficulty eating and swallowing, so he had to be tube feed. It also left him with a loss of mental capacity and dropped his maturity. “Todd Smith” went under trial for “one count first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.” The courts wanted to tried as an adult, but he was tried as a juvenile. In November he pleaded guilty to his chargers and was sentenced to 3 years in jail. After the time spent in jail a Psychologist who talked to “Todd Smith” said that he was obsessed and delusional with the violence in movies and video games. Dr. John Satterberg said that Todd didn’t show any remorse and that there is an “extremely high risk that he will lash out again.” Todd Smith’s lawyer said “he is ready to be released and that he can manage his own problems with the help from his doctors.” Todd was released from jail and sent to a halfway house in Toronto in March 2005. In August 2005 he walked out of the halfway house leaving a note saying “I won’t be caged any longer and I won’t surrender alive.” The next day he turned himself in at the police station.

My Thoughts of the Alberta Taber Shooting:
Even with being a juvenile, I don’t think that “Todd Cameron Smith” should have gotten off as easy as he did. He took a life of another young kid. And I think that he should have paid his dues. He should have had a longer sentence than 3 years with probation. Especially since his doctor said to the courts that he was unstable and could be harmful to others. I don’t think that if someone was to take a life and know what they are doing, should get whatever consequences are given to them. I think that 3 years is not enough time for taking a life. Even with probation. Jason Lang the young boy who had his life taken from him to short did charity work and helped build houses for the under privileged people in México. Do you think that he would bully other students in schools? I don’t think that he would. Do you think that if he knew what was going on with “Todd Smith” that he would have tried something to help this youth? I do. He was just at the wrong place wrong time kind of thing right? Wrong this shouldn’t have happened. Something needs to happen in schools for this bullying to STOP!!!

Columbine school shooting:
Jefferson County Colorado
On April, 20, 1999 two students entered Columbine high school and opened fire in the library. The two boys opened fire killing 12 students and one teacher. They injured 24 more. At the end of their savage attack both of them took their own lives. They shoot over 900 rounds which they bought at a K-Mart. The two students that brought “TEC-DC9”, “Hi-Point 995 Carbine”, “Savage G7H Pump-Action Shot Gun”, “Stevens 311D Double Barreled Sawed of Shot Gun”, “99 Explosive” and “4 Knives”. These students meant for a one for all massacre. Knowing of ending both their lives Eric Harris and Dylan...
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