Income Tax Contribution

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Chapter - I - Introduction

1.1-Focus of the Study

This is the age of management information system (MIS) in the business world, which enables management to provide the appropriate information at optimal cost so manager can manage in private as well as government organizations. MIS can be defined as the system, which provides proper information that helps management to take management decisions in a timely fashion. Therefore the information served by management information system is very crucial for a proper management of a business organization. In a process of receiving information from various sectors, MIS use various sectors. As well as we can find the position of income tax in government revenue. Income tax is the main source of government revenue. If high sources of income tax in government revenue, government can make good development, economic planning for development of the nation. After knowing about the contribution of Income tax in government revenue of Nepal, we can find the strength and weakness of the government functions and method of raising the revenue. <

There are various sources of government revenue. Income tax, VAT, custom duty, foreign aid, internal and external loan are the main sources. There are various users and interested person and sector of Income tax in government revenue. Government is the main interested and handles body of income tax. Government can make suitable policies, acts and rules for increasing the government revenue. In current situation, government must have sufficient revenue for developing the nation. At present government expenditures is gradually increasing but government revenue is not satisfactory. The trend of income tax in government revenue is not satisfactory up going, even it’s going down some years. Thinking of taxpayer towards the tax is not positive. The study of income tax shows the performance and contribution of taxpayers. Nepal has adopted mix economy. So there is equal contribution of private and public sector for economic development as well as government revenue. The overall performance of government and taxpayers reflected on contribution of collection of income tax in government revenue. Government and financial policymakers can make suitable policies and rules for collection of high income tax from organizations. Analysis of income tax in government revenue is the mean of financial and accounting interpretation. We can say that analysis of income tax in government revenue is meaningless until and unless it is properly analyzed, interpreted and taken any corrective actions to the best way. Therefore the analysis and interpretation part of government revenue is fulfilled by the analysis of income tax.

The idea of introducing income tax in Nepal originated along with the first ‘Budget’ on 21st Magh 2008 B.S. (1952 AD). The first elected government finally introduced ‘Business profit and Remuneration Tax Act 2017’ to promise income tax on remuneration and business profit in Nepal. The ‘Business profit and Remuneration Tax Act 2017’ had very narrow coverage that income tax was imposed only on business profit and remuneration. Since this act could not cover all the sources of income, the ‘Nepal Income Tax Act 2019’ replaced it after two years to avoid such drawbacks. After a year, ‘Nepal Income Tax Rules 2020’ were enacted with the view of implementing the objectives of the income tax act. According to the changing condition this act was also incapable in fulfilling the needs of changing time, it was replaced by another, ‘Income tax Act 2031’.

In the course of development and modernization of income tax system, the new ‘Income Tax Act 2058’ has been enacted. Similarly, the new ‘Income Tax Rules 2059’ have been enacted for the effective implementation of the objectives of the Act. The study will cover the analysis and interpretation of all activities related to income tax such as income tax from Business income,...
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