Income Tax Authorities

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A. Income Tax Authorities under the Income Tax Act [Section 116] 1. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) 2. Director-General of Income Tax (DGIT) or Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCIT) 3. Directors of Income Tax (DIT) or Commissioners of Income Tax (CIT) or CIT (Appeals) 4. Additional Directors of Income-Tax (ADIT) or Additional Commissioners of Income-tax (ACIT) or ACIT (Appeals) 5. Joint Directors of Income Tax (JDIT) or Joint Commissioners of Income Tax (JCIT) 6. Deputy Directors of Income Tax (DDIT) or Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax (DCIT) or DCIT (Appeals) 7. Assistant Directors of Income Tax (ADIT) or Assistant Commissioners of Income Tax (ACIT) 8. Income Tax Officers (ITO) 9. Tax Recovery Officers (TRO) 10. Inspectors of Income Tax B. Right to appoint Income Tax Authorities [Section 117] Sec.117 Posts (1) (2) Income Tax Authorities Income Tax Authorities below the rank of Assistant Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner Executive or ministerial staff Appointment by Central Government Board, Director-General, Chief Commissioner, Director, Commissioner Income Tax authority authorized by the Board


C. Control of Income Tax Authorities [Section 118] Any income-tax authority or authorities shall be subordinate to such other income tax authority as may be specified in the notification by the Board. D. POWERS OF INCOME TAX AUTHORITIES [section 119] Instruction to subordinate authorities: 1. The Board may issue orders / instructions / directions to other income tax authorities for proper administration of the Act. 2. Such orders / instructions / directions are binding on all subordinate authorities. 3. No instruction shall be issued by the Board to: (a) Make a particular assessment or dispose of a particular case in a particular manner; (b) Interfere with the discretion of CIT (Appeals) in the discharge of his appellate functions. 4. The Board may issue instructions for (a) Proper and efficient management of work of assessment. (b) Collection of Revenue / Issue / Intimation of penal proceedings. 5. Powers of the Board with regard to relaxation of any provisions of law: (a) Relaxation of any provisions of Section 139 / 143 / 144 / 147 / 148 / 154 / 155 / 158BFA/ 201 210 211 / 234A / 2348 / 234C / 271 / 273 except 115P and 115S (b) Further, general or special orders may be issued by the CBDT by way of relaxation of the provisions of sections 115WD, 115WE, 115WF, 115WG, 115WH, 115WJ and 115WK relating to assessment of Fringe Benefit Taxation.

Tax Supplement


(c) To avoid genuine hardship to assesses - acceptance of an application of claim of any exemptions, deductions, refund or any relief after the expiry of the prescribed period under the Act. (d) To avoid genuine hardship to assessee - by relaxing any requirements of Chapter IV or VI A. 6. Duties of the Board: Before relaxing any provision in the assessee’s favour, the Board should satisfy that: (a) Non-compliance was due to any reasons beyond the control of the assessee, (b) The assessee complied with such requirements of the Act before the completion of assessment. E. Powers of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) under the various provisions of the Act. Section 2(17) 2(18) 11(1)(c) 44AA 80RRA 80U 118 119 Powers Declare any Institution, Association or Body to be a Company. Declare a Company having no Share Capital as Company in which public is substantially interested. Direct that income from house property held under Trust will not be included in the Total Income of the person in receipt of such income. Notify compulsory maintenance of accounts for any profession. To prescribe the field in which the person may have specialized knowledge and experience to be called a ‘technician’. Make rules and specify the permanent physical disability for deduction u/s 80U Exercise control over Income-tax authorities Issue orders, instructions and directions to subordinate authorities. Exceptions: (a) Order, instruct or direct any...
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