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Chua, Aira KimberlySeptember 16, 2014
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Reaction Paper: The Diary of Angelina Jolie with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs

This heart felt video speaks to us. It may be short, but it has a lot to say to the world. As Angelina Jolie and Dr. Jeffrey Sachs travelled to Africa, they explored places in Africa where there are social, economic, and health problems such as extreme poverty, hunger, sickness and hardships. This opened our eyes to the reality in other countries. Children are undernourished because they cannot access their basic needs such as clean water, health and services that the government must provide. Hospitals are having too much patients and there is only one doctor. It’s almost impossible for us to believe, but, yes, situations like this exist.

Furthermore, in another town, families such that of an old woman named Monica had to go through a lot of hardships and pain just to support her loved ones. An old woman needs to work in the field - work that is suitable for men. However, in a school, the picture of smiling children enlightened and inspired us, because, despite the fact that they do not have enough to eat, a small amount of porridge already make them happy. However, our pity doesn’t do them any better. We must stand up and act upon it. Helping our own community would be a start for these problems happen all around the world.

. When we first watched the video, we were filled with realizations in life and the world as a whole. All we know and all we want is to go to beautiful and rich places. Now, we realized that there are also places such as Africa that needs our help because even the basic of all the basic needs such as drinking water is not available. Technology nowadays is advancing especially on the medical field yet there are still people who die because of diseases that have cures such as malaria. We were struck when Angelina said that those people seem to say “we are here, we lived...
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