Inclusive Communication

Topics: Academic degree, Higher education, Master's degree Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Good evening everyone, the place you are sitting in is aspired by lacs of students every year, but only a few like you can make it to here. I feel much honored to be speaking to such a promising audience. There is a reason why this institute and similar centers of excellence are longed by the best brains of the country. You all know the success stories associated with C. K. Prahalad, K. V. Kamath, Chetan Bhagat, Indra Nooyi and many more who share a common link, a great alma mater which made them what they are today.

But wait, there is a flipside to it too. A formal university education does not guarantee you success in business and life. It’s the individual that makes the difference. We on the other hand have a long list of successful business people including Dhirubhai Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve jobs and others who thought otherwise and did not waste time and money in a university, left their classes and went directly to the world to prove their mettle. As Bill Gates said “I am not a university topper, But today all university toppers are my employees”.

Success, thus, is a complex phenomenon to understand and we cannot attribute exact reasons behind it, it’s an imperfect mix of various factors.

And here I am trying to make an attempt to make you people think the way faculty council representatives view the matter at hand.

We have all heard about the office-boy who makes it big and becomes the CEO. But for most people, education is a necessity to advance a career. There will always be the exception of the highly dynamic individual who succeeds in business without a University education. We all know that there will always be the entrepreneurial types who do not rely or believe in higher education and there is always a chance of succeeding in business through sheer ability. But relevant qualifications are gaining importance as each year passes. A bachelor's degree, master's degree or MBA have become pre-requisites for a variety of jobs or...
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