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ENG 151 Essay Project #2: Analyzing Visual Texts
In this assignment, you will be selecting two visual texts to analyze together. You will describe each visual text and analyze how it conveys its message.

First, you will select two visual texts. Visual texts can include photographs (documentary, news), print and online ads, ad parodies, and billboards. You will need to provide quality, color copies of the texts as part of your project (they can be inserted into the word document). Remember that you will be comparing and contrasting your texts, so texts that are too similar or too dissimilar won’t work. It may help you to look for two texts that represent two different view points on a single issue. Visual texts must be approved by instructor. When you select your texts, make sure that you can tell me where they came from—don’t lose the website address if you get them online! You will have to be able to cite your source. The analysis of some texts may also require a discussion of their context: for instance, an unusual ad may be speaking to a particular audience, so the essay will have to describe which magazine the ad originally appeared in. An image from a news source will have to be discussed in the context of the article in which the image appears. It is therefore best if you NOT simply use an ad that appears in an online collection of advertisements. The best way to find an advertisement is to search through a physical magazine (you will need to scan the image to insert it in your document); the best way to find different news images on the same subject is to search for the topic through Google image search. Keep track of the sources of your images.

Your essay will be in this format:
• Introduction with thesis that discusses comparison/contrast or how one image "speaks to" the other. • Image one inserted into document
• Full visual description of image one, containing NO analysis (this is like a summary of the image). Description of...
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