Inclusion and Diversity in the Cclassroom

Topics: Disability, Educational psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: July 2, 2011
How do you embrace inclusion in the workplace/classroom as it relates to diversity and its thereby enhancing the learning and work environment?

Inclusion in the classroom and workplace definitely yields benefits and enhances the classroom environment. I feel that first of all all barriers and boundaries need to be identified and eliminated. This enhances the inclusion, diversity, and equality in the classroom. I try to identify each students needs as early as possible. For the disabled student this information should be readily available from the IEP, 504 plan, any specialists, school psychologists, and, of course the parents. The students needs need to be clearly indicated in order to best promote inclusion. Students may need accommodations to the lessons and modifications to the classroom. Some students may require extended time to complete assignments and tests , hard copy of notes, recorded lectures, preferential seating and/or to have tests read to them. Students with physical disabilities may require a special desk and to have the room structured for mobility issues. Students with auditory issues may need special placement in the class to enhance hearing and/or lip reading, while students with behavioral or learning disabilities may need the classroom structured to feel more secure. I try to set up steps such as benchmarks, expectations for teachers and staff, develop an action plan for the classroom, look at the current practices to determine strengths and weaknesses, hold staff meetings and continuously adjust to allow for needs of the students. However, the most critical adaptation in the classroom is to create an atmosphere of inclusion and diversity. I never put up with slurs and cuts, they should be immediately addressed. I encourage students to work in diverse groupings and allow each student to shine in his or her own style.

Inclusion applies to more students than only those with disabilities. I have students...
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