Incidents: Employment and Job

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Incidents – Part I

P. 132, HRM Incident 1- “ A Problem Ad?”

1. Dorothy overlooked some of the proper recruiting practices, which resulted in an excessive number of unqualified people applying. What are they?

Recruitment is the process of appealing people on a timely basis, sufficient pay, and making sure they qualify for the appropriate job in an organization. The first step in recruitment is an employee requisition. This is a detailed document that explains the specific job title, department; the date the employee will start working, etc. The next step in the recruitment process is to determine whether the employees that are already working for the organization qualify for the position, or should they go out and look through an external source. There are three different methods of recruitment: internal, external, and online. Internal recruitment method is used to recruit current employees who qualify the position as they become available. Some methods of internal recruitment include: job posting which is a procedure to inform employees of the new job opening. Job bidding is a procedure to allow the employees who believe that they qualify, to apply for the position. Also, employee referral is used to recommend someone you believe is perfect for the spot. External recruitment is needed for the following: fill entry-level jobs, acquire skills not possessed by current employees, and obtain employee with different backgrounds to bring diversity to the company. Examples of external recruitment sources include: high schools, colleges, universities, competitors, former employees, etc. As for online recruitment, the company can recruit through an inter recruiter whose responsibility is to use the Internet to recruit. Also, they can join virtual job fairs and corporate career websites. In Dorothy’s case, it appears as if she used the external method to recruit for the Software Design Engineer positions. Dorothy needed to specify exactly what the...
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