Incident of French Camp.

Topics: German language, Drama, Germanic peoples Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Introduction of the Poet
The poem The Incident of French Camp is composed by great English poet Robert browning. The browning was extremely religious and because of his religious opinions, he was excluded from university or public school. He was educated at home under a private tutor, and spends his modest time in gathering the best literature in English, French, Latin and Greek. Introduction of the Poem

This is subjective poem; the incident reported in this dramatic poem happened in 1809. The poem for all its weaknesses is fast moving and exciting, the poem consisting of 35 lines of regular rhythm.

In this poem, Browning paints the picture of an incident of the French Camp, in dramatic version. He describes the heroic action of a wounded soldier, who’s heroic devotion to duty and his pride in it and inspiring and worthy of admiration. The poet has given a poetic amount of incidence that took place during the attack of French army on German City Ratisbon. During the attack of French army on Ratisbon, Napoleon was much worried about the result. Germans were defending Ratisbon with great determination and coverage. Napoleon’s future plan depends upon the result. Napoleon was not able to conquer Germany and neighboring states. He was standing on mound near the battlefield watching the war. All of sudden a rider appeared from the closed smoke and dust. Full galloping he approached near the mound where Napoleon was standing. As the came closer Napoleon notice that he was a young boy seriously wounded and not far from his death. As he came near he jumped of the horse and gave happy news of victory. He exclaimed with joy that French had conquered the Ratisbon and he himself has hoisted the flag of France on German city with a little touch of pride in lie tone he informed Napoleon that he has played an important role in the victory at the risk of his life. Actually he expected some words of appreciation from his Emperor.
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