Inception Review

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Christopher Nolan’s has once again created a masterpiece. After his success with The Dark Night, it was predicted that Inception was going to be brilliant. The metaphysical action-thriller takes a lot of concentration, as Nolan effectively changes between reality, and dream state throughout the movie. Inception holds many distinctive film techniques, Slow Motion and the use of motifs being two of them. These help us realize what is real, and what isn’t, which is a major theme throughout Inception.

Leonardo Dicaprio stars as Dom Cobb, a corporate spy with the ability to infiltrate dreams, who is hired (along with his team) by a Japanese businessman (Mr. Saito). Cobb’s his main goal throughout the film is to be reunited with his children, which Saito guarantees him with a safe passage home, if he is able to break up a business espionage. Breaking up the espionage is all completed in dream states, as important information is extracted from targets minds via a subconscious. Inception is a very similar film to the award-winning movie “Avatar”, as they are both movies about dreaming.

Slow motion and manipulation of time is used in Inception really well, as it clearly and effectively shows us, which is the dream state and which is reality. Two significant parts of the film where they are used, is when Cobb has been pushed into the bath (sleeping), and the most thrilling scene of the whole movie, when the van is free falling off the bridge.

When Cobb receives the kick, which leaves him falling into a full bath (in slow motion, and reality), it does only take a few seconds, however in his dream state, it seems as if it is 5-10 minutes. This is also displayed when the van is falling off the bridge, as it would take less than 20 seconds to reach the water, in the dream state it gives Cobb and his team about 2 hours. This is a clever and suspenseful way to show whether it is the dream state or reality.

Cobb uses a “totem” during...
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