Inception Reflection

Topics: Mind, Truth, Reality Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: February 28, 2013

After watching inception twice I am still confused as to what was real and what was not. I have come to the conclusion that the entire movie was Cobb dreaming. I believe this because Cobb's totem used to be his wife's totem. He only retrieved the totem when they were stuck in limbo. He said never to let anyone else feel the weight of your totem. Meaning that he himself has no way of knowing the actual weight or feel of his wife's totem. In other words Cobb has no totem, no way of knowing what is real and what isn't. The totem only shows Cobb what he wants to believe. Since the entire movie was a dream of his making, his subconscious may have led the totem to drop/ wobble when he wanted to believe he was in reality. I believe that Cobb's wife Mol was the one trying to pull them back to reality. Mol kept trying to draw him out when in reality he kept falling further and further. Cobb didn't join Mol in jumping off the building to get into reality. Cobb has been dreaming for so long and so deep that he has lost reality. The main reason I believe Cobb has been dreaming all along is because of the ending. When Cobb thinks he has arrived back to reality and back to his children, they are wearing the same clothes, and in the same position as he last saw them. He became suspicious and spun the top. Cobb finally saw his kid's faces and walked away from his totem. Seeing his kid's faces was enough reality for him. Cobb created his own reality. He formulated the entire dream to justify his belief in what was real and what wasn't. He needed the elaborate dream to lead him back to his children which signify his reality. With that being said, I believe the movie argued for idealism. Cobb's reality was based on the mind. If the totem had not been his wife's, and had not been found in a dream, I would have argued for realism. Because the material thing, or totem, would be what determines reality. The top was supposed to keep spinning in a dream, and wobble or drop...
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