Inception of 3g in India

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3G: The Inception of new era in telecommunication
3G: The Latest generation in telecommunication
3G inception in India
Inception of 3G in India
3G: The New Wireless Technology
3G Mobile Technology

3G stands for Third Generation. It is the third-generation of mobile phone technology standards. Japan was the first country to introduce 3G on a large commercial scale. India entered the 3G arena in 2008 with the launch of 3G enabled Mobile and Data services by BSNL. Later, MTNL launched 3G in metropolitan cities. On the basis of Technology and advancements, cellular networks are named by Generations. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) defined the third generation (3G) of mobile telephony standards IMT-2000 to facilitate growth, increase bandwidth, and support more diverse applications. It has capability of providing Voice & Text service along with high speed data transmission such as High Speed Internet, Online Gaming , Video Calling & mobile TV. 3G, as the name suggests, has mainly two predecessors. The first generation (1G) and the second generation (2G). 1G was introduced in the beginning of 1980’s signifiying first-generation wireless analog technology standards. Later during 90’s it was replaced by 2G digital telecommunications. 2G uses digital encoding supporting high bit rate voice, limited data communications and different levels of encryption. This network comprises of GSM, TDMA and CDMA. The difference betwixt these two networks is that 1G used analog radio signals and 2G used digital signals. Then 2G superseded by newer technologies like 2.5G, 2.75G, 3G, and 4G. 4G are still in testing phase. But no doubt, it will arrive soon in near future. Last year on April 9 2010, 3G spectrum (Spectrum is the specific frequency or bandwith to transmit data wirelessly.) auction was held in India. All the private players like Airtel Vodafone essar, Aircel, Reliance etc participated in auction process to rent the frequencies or bandwidth...
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