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By | April 2011
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Inception; The way I see it

ENG 225 Introduction to Film
Instructor: Jonathan Beller
February 25, 2011

Inception is a film that will have you saying WOW, but on the same token it lacks a certain WOW factor. It is a movie that will captivate your mind and visual cortex, but will have you breaking it down logically. The movie is a good movie with wonderful effects, off persona acting and a story line that will have you wondering why or what the. I will begin with a warning, if you have not yet seen this film, please watch it first. This movie falls in the science fiction, mystery, action categories, and it stays true to those genres. You will leave your seat pondering the ramifications of this plot if it were real. The direction is common for Christopher Nolan. (Bios) Some of the acting takes you further in to the realm of casting outside of the stars persona. The story is self telling and fills any holes in its self by the films end. With the exception of one, was it all a dream? You might need to view it a solid three times to grasp everything that has taken place. Let us start off with the father of this marvelous piece of mind bending art, Christopher Nolan. The style of direction is very “Christopher Nolan.” Mr. Nolan tends to use some psychological or physical handicap in his films. (Bios) Some examples of this hitch are found in films such as Memento, Dark Knight and The Prestige. (Bios) Aside from the handicap that has been handed to our main character, there are other aspects that are in the norm to Mr. Nolan. Some of the scenes are short cut shots, to move to another scene. This serves a purpose, it help build suspense. Every movie needs a protagonist, in Inception, there seems to be more than one, but in my opinion there is one. It is the main character himself. He fights within himself, fending off what his late wife is doing to his sub-conscience. This would be a coma-never ending dream. This never ending dream is...

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