Incentives for Athletes

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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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Muet Speaking Model Answer

Candidate A : Good morning to the examiners and all the candidates. In my opinion, giving incentives to athlets is an important factor to improve our status in sports. My first reason for giving such a suggestion is giving out incentives such as money or award could be a type of encourage to the athlets. This will make them happy and satisfied with their achievement. Besides, giving out money was also the way they get their salary so that they could afford their life without worrying about economy problem and they can also paying fully attention in their competition. When getting incentives from the government, they will feel better and certified, and they may want themself to perform well. In addition, this also can prevent them to feeling themselves are being neglected. In conclusion, I would once again recommended that giving incentives to athlets is the most important factor to improve out status in sports. Thank you.

Candidate B : Good
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morning to examiners and all candidates. Once, our country Malaysia has a brilliant achievement in sports. But nowadays our country have not performed that well in the international scene. To get achievement as twenty years ago, an effective way are needed to improve the status in sports. And now in my opinion,engaging professional foreign coaches is an important factor to improve our status in sports. The reasons for me to say this is because a professional foreign coach have a lot of experience. They can share their useful experience to the athlets. Besides, they also would give the most useful advice and guide them in their skills and technique. The foreign coach also could teach them the new technique so our athlete will not fall behind the advance level of other country. Professional foreign coach would also help athlets to find out their mistake made...
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