Inca Leaders

Topics: Inca Empire, Inca, Machu Picchu Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: January 15, 2013

Pachacuti was the most powerful ruler in Incan history. He was the son of Viracocha Inca who was the eighth emperor of the Incas. Pachacuti had his own views on how the empire should be ruled and drove his father and brother out of power taking the title of emperor after a huge fight called the battle of Cuzco (“Pachacuti Inca Yupani”). After stealing the power from his father Pachacuti was set out to expand the empire beyond the Cuzco Valley. Pachacuti brought down rival cities that were invading during his father’s rule, created an amazing government system, rebuilt Cuzco, had a huge network or roads and created an amazing army. Pachacuti ended up being the most powerful ruler in Incan history, expanding the empire from having a population of about 1500 people to a population of over 12 million people. Pachacuti ruled from 1438 to 1471 (“Pachacuti Inca Yupani”). Pachacuti made four provinces to keep control of the government and to create stability. Pachacuti needed to rule far away from the capital because of how much land was under pachacutis rule. Pachacuti didn’t want people to rebel or gain power so he moved in new leaders that were loyal to the Incas creating stability thorough the entire empire. Each province had their own governor (“Inca (Overview)”). Pachacuti knew that if he didn’t have facilitators throughout the empire watching over the people that there would be room for people to rebel and have a chance at gaining power. By creating four Provinces Pachacuti was able to create stability throughout the entire empire and assure that there would be no room for any conflict over power. Pachacuti created a tax system called mita that forced people into working for the government. Every person was required to pay a labor tax in return for basic necessities. Women were required to weave clothing for the army while men worked on government farms, mines and roads (“The Inca (Overview)”). By having this tax system it gave Pachacuti the ability to...
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