Inbound Tourism in Usa

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Inbound tourism in USA
Weaver & Lawton, (2010). There is no single definition of tourism to which every one can address so if we are ask what do you mean by the term tourism mainly depends on how we define tourist .most people have an intuitive and simplistic perception of tourism as an image of people travelling for recreational purpose. But the question arise that how far from do they have to travel are consider to be a tourist, and for how long? What type of travel will qualify them as tourist or consider them in the category of tourism. Most of the people would consider that a family trip qualifies a form of tourism while the daily commute to work does not .But what about the people participating in rugby for an example or a business man traveling for business or a Muslim embarking on the pilgrimage to Mecca? All qualifies as tourist but challenge our sense of what it mean to be a tourist, we therefore need to establish definition boundaries. According to France(1994)p.3 cited in Pender & sharply, 2005) ‘It is now commonly accepted that a tourist, as opposed to day visitor is someone who spends at least 24hrs away from home even though both categories of visitors might engage in similar activities although there is no generally accepted maximum time limit for a tourist visit, normally accepted that a tourist is away from home for a relative short period’. Where as if we see the nature of the tourist they can be classified in variety of ways the most common or obvious distinction of tourist can be classified in three basis form of tourism DOMISTIC-travel by resident within the own country

INBOUND-travel by residents from overseas into the destination country OUTBOUND –travel from generating county to another
In this easy we will statically analyzing inbound tourism in USA.

| JAN | FEB| MARCH| APRIL| MAY| JUNE| JULY | AUG| SEPT| OCT| NOV| DEC| TOTAL| 2005| 7713687| 7739334 | 10717047| 9457493| 9190645| 9513371| 13072128| 12102255| 10269968| 9880000| 8768350| 9812669| 98453608| 2006| 8451716| 7661420| 9857840| 11138660| 9925401| 9738691| 11442938| 12747455| 10642888| 10431672| 9554537| 10682831| 111633161| 2007| 8787356| 8305161| 11095257| 11253405| 10921019| 10912961| 14595495| 14650553| 11970312| 11923724| 10971601| 12147338| 137534182| 2008| 9675759| 9291317| 12880226| 11677962| 12438700| 11816258| 15245053| 15706572| 11637002| 11796323| 10082918| 11406278| 143654368| 2009| 8824179| 8339913| 10402856| 11917432| 10834579| 10477863| 13872087| 15015379| 11895772| 11890919| 10145023| 11928814| 135544816| 2010| 11048711| 10252482| 13113830| 13084911| 13942729| 13266439| 17339147| 17447458| 14292931| 14463875| 12410672| 14030336| 164801832|



Source from
The table and the above graphs shows the upward trend from the year 2005 to year 2008.From the year 2005 to year 2006 there is an increase of 13.5%.which was a short increase from the past years growth. Due to the development of tourism industries and the new trends of tour packages, there was almost double increase from the year 2006 to 2007 with an increase of 23.4%.this was a boom in the share of economy earned from this year. The rates of the packages, flight fare,etc had been increased as the demand for the destination increased. At the same time the rescission had hit the world financial market which led the drop of count on inbound visitor by 4.5% in 2007-2008.there was again a decline of 6% which was due to the economical imbalance of the world economy and also the spending power of the tourist. This was due to the finical crisis USA was going under. As USA is the famous destination it was easy for them to cop up with the decline as in 2009-2010. The popularity with some cheap packages made it easy for USA...
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