Inbound Logistics

Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Logistics Pages: 3 (417 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Paper I – Principles of Management

Management: Science, Theory and Practice, Functions of Manager Evolution of Management thought, Behavioral Sciences
International Management & MNCs, Japanese Principles
Purpose, Steps, Process, Objectives, MBO, Developing verifiable goals Strategy, Policy, Decision Making
Organizing Structure, Departmentation, Span, Environment – entrepreneurial, innovation Line, Staff, Authority, Decentralizations, Delegation Leadership:
Definition, Leadership styles.
Committees & Group Decision making
Feedback system

Paper II – Supply Chain Management: Introduction

Logistical Mission, Operations, Integration, Network Design, Information, Transportation, Inventory, Production, Inventory Flow Warehousing, Material Handling, Packaging
Integrated Logistics
Operating objectives, Rapid Response – Minimum Variance – Minimum Inventory Movement, Con Life-cycle support, Barriers to Internal integration Organization structure
Managing operational uncertainty
Food & Agriculture Supply Chains: Agriculture Extension, Contract Farming Buying versus own manufacturing.
International Sourcing Decisions
Process in Supply Chain: Customer order, replenishment, manufacturing, procurement cycles, building a system Planning Demand Supply.
Sourcing Decisions and Management, Vendor Development, Negotiations, Strategic Relationships and Supply chains, Partnerships Optimal Level of Product Availability, Cycle Inventory Management, Analysis: ABC, Credit Analysis Managing Uncertainty: Safety Stocks

Transportation, Storage and Warehousing
Supply Chain Coordination
Pricing and Revenue Management

Paper III – Financial Management

Introduction to Accounting Practices.
Capital Investments, Structure, ROI
Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account, Ratio Analysis
Process and Batch Costing
Credit in Business
Working Capital Requirements
Project Preparation, Sensitivity Analysis
Maintenance of Accounts
Budgeting and...
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