Inaugural Speech

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Megan Johnson
President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech
After being sworn-in by Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, Barack Obama gave his inaugural speech in front of U.S. Capitol. On January 21, 2013 Obama addressed the nation as a president for the first time in his new term. Since April 30, 1789 Presidents have given an inaugural address after taking the oath as president. Usually an inaugural speech includes their vision of America and the plans they have in mind for building our country during the time they are in office. In Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech he discussed poverty, economy, democracy, international relations, health care, conflict, climate change, equal rights and much more. Barack Obama insisted we set aside small, minor differences to guarantee peaceful future for our kids. He also addressed the issue of gay rights, and was the first president to ever do so. Obama mentioned that, “We must protect each other from life’s worst hazards and misfortune.” He explains that when times change, so must we. This requires new solutions to new problems. Barack Obama discussed that; new ideas and technology were much needed for restoring our government. He explained that we as Americans need to work more, learn more, and work harder in our everyday lives. In doing so we will be more proud of the successes we attain to work toward our creed as US citizens. Barack pursues us in his inaugural speech given on Martin Luther King Jr’s commemoration that he will defend us and uphold our strong alliances in every corner of the globe.
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