Inanimate Object

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Nina Ferrer
Professor Susan Chapman
English 111
21 February 2013

The darkness is slowly scaring me making me feel overwhelmed. I can’t see anything. I feel suffocated and musty with all these boxes stocked next to me and on top of me. I’ve been here for so long and I feel so hopeless and useless. Then suddenly a bright light shines on me and I finally feel free from this very comfortless home. I wish someone would open this lid on top of me so I can breath in fresh air. But here I am staying strong and just patiently waiting. Then suddenly, I am lifted, opened, and place on top of a flat surface. I feel so nervous. I am hearing human voices. My wish is granted. It is my time, and I am free!

My thoughts are running, I wonder if this little boy will pick me. My skin color is black with a shade of silver and red. I have thick bottoms and have plenty of grip. I was made from China but I was made to improve performances, protect ankles, and give extra comfort. I was created prepared. As my top is removed, the open air almost suffocated me. Just then I was lifted into the air and slammed onto he floor. Then suddenly for the first time, I feel human feet inside me. I am moving. He’s walking back and fourth with me and I can see my reflection through the mirror on the floor. I look handsome on his feet. Matching white socks would go so perfect with me. He took his feet off me, and before I can even prepare myself for what is about to happen, I am swung into the air, and slammed back inside the box. He still hasn’t closed the lid, I can see the little boy staring at me with such an unsure face. I was tossed inside the box and the lid of the box is slammed, I’ve been here before.

As light shines on me, fresh air hits me again, and I’m home. I am inside the little boys room. He finally took me out the box and he tried me on once again. He’s running around with me, jumping up and down. Ouch! I am not used to all this impact and pressure, although the boy is...
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