Inactivity Amongst Youth

Topics: Obesity, Youth, Education Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: March 7, 2013

By: Fathmath Nabaha Mohamed Waheed Presently, the issue of inactivity amongst the young is an issue highlighted by a lot of people. However, I consider that unless the youth becomes sentient of the fact that being dormant is intensely bad for them, a solution for the problem is never going to be resulted. Thereby, as an aware young adult , I would like to share my point of view regarding this subject with all the readers. The twentieth century came into existence with advanced technological progressions bringing huge and almost inevitable changes in our lives. I believe that young people becoming familiar with such improvements and technology becoming their companion during their leisure time, is one of the main reasons that many have become couch potatoes. Lying on the sofa and watching a reality show on a television set and checking on facebook as they rest on their bed via an i-pad or laptop round the clock are the habitual everyday- routine of most of the teens out there. The conclusion of this is that, approximately two-third of the day, these kids keep lying somewhere with zero exercise which eventually leads them to obesity, even if they follow their usual diets. Though means of technology never fails as an entertainment, the young should keep a balance on it and exercise . Moreover, I personally feel that schools eliminating physical education classes at higher grades have further made the youngsters inactive. Most of the young people attending schools spend a majority of hours of their day at school, where they just keep sitting for all those time. Thereby, to bring a change to this, schools need to take a step of either introducing physical education sessions daily or making the usual subject periods more student-friendly in terms of playing games regarding the lesson taken. Furthermore, schools could...
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