Inaccuracy of Iq Tests

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Inaccuracy of IQ tests
IQ tests have widely gained imminence especially in the corporate world in the selection of employees as well as in schools in order to measure the intelligence of children. These tests began in 1904 in France whereby the government wanted to distinguish between the children who were considered intellectually normal from those who were construed to be inferior. This was done with an intention of placing more emphasis on those students who were inferior. Alfred Binet who developed Binet scale in response to the government’s request warned that there was a possibility of misusing these tests since they are not accurate in measuring individual’s intelligence (Khalfa 55) According to him, intelligence qualities cannot be measured in the same manner as the linear surfaces. Intelligence is not a single score and most of the tests fail to capture various individuals’ abilities. However, the many of the tests that are being developed focus on a single scale which makes them inaccurate in measuring people’s intelligence. Intelligence entails various skills such as logical reasoning, critical thinking skills as well as problem solving. It is worth noting that .IQ tests basically consist of both verbal and performance segment. In every verbal level subtest, there are explicit areas which include verbal fluency, testing vocabulary, expressive language as well as memory skills. On the other hand, visual-spatial capabilities, numerical skills, fine motor harmonization, ability to perceive things, rational logic skills, as well as speed makes up the performance level in IQ tests. There is a common misconception that IQ tests are the best measures of Intelligence. However, these tests are far from perfection in measuring intelligence. These tests in the actual sense test individuals’ capacity for intelligence and not necessarily intelligence. Ii is worth mentioning that such tests fail to rest on learned information, rather, thy test individual’s...
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