In a Professional Discussion with Your Tutor, Talk About How the Issues Raised in Articles Like Those You Read in Task 14 Can Alter the Way That the Public Sees the Childcare Sector. the Questions Below May Help to Prompt Your Discussion.

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Task 16
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In a professional discussion with your tutor, talk about how the issues raised in articles like those you read in Task 14 can alter the way that the public sees the childcare sector. The questions below may help to prompt your discussion.

* Do you think it is important that the public can raise concerns about issues in the childcare sector?

I think it is important that the public can raise concerns about issues in the childcare sector. Childcare services are more important than any others services we use in our lifetime, as they concern human’s most precious possessions – children. Therefore it is very important that the public can raise concerns, even the smallest ones should be taken into consideration and treated earnestly.

* Do you think it is fair?

Yes, I think it is fair, as in childcare are working only humans and they sometimes make mistakes, so it is fair for anybody concerned to raise concerns for the well-being of the ones who cannot – the children.

* What would happen if the public never pointed out areas of concern?

If the public never pointed out areas of concern there would probably never been some changes and modifications that are needed or inspections in childcare sector would be less insightful and as a result there would possibly be more harm to the children.

* How does it feel when you read negative things about the childcare sector?

It obviously does not feel good, especially when you think about all those wronged children, but usually I compare those negative things to my own setting and feel proud, because I know that we are doing good job and I feel hope since we cannot be the only one setting providing appropriate care.

* How does the raising of concerns about the childcare sector ultimately affect children?

I believe that ultimately the affect of raising those concerns is positive for children for if there was any seed of truth in them, there is a proper reaction in...
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