In a Perfect World

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  • Published : June 20, 2011
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In a perfect world everyone wouldn’t have to be selfish at all, we could just get our happiness from everyone else. If everyone was giving what everyone wants we could achieve happiness for all, but at what cost would that really achieve? The amount of energy spent on making everyone happy would be tremendous, and how would we really know what would make us happy if we spent a great portion of our time making others happy? There would be the endless cycle of caring for others and never for one’s self. Would the world truly be a better place?

Although on the other hand if everyone was doing nothing for others and acting only for themselves by being selfish, personally they would be happy but would have a negative effect on others for their decisions. They could be happy for their personal decisions, but unhappy for the decisions of others to not think of anyone but their selves. So you could say society as a whole could be unhappy even though they are making great choices for their own well being, they would still be unhappy for society not thinking of their needs for them.

In a perfect world people would put others before themselves. However, that is not the case. Constantly putting others happiness in front of your own has many flaws. Ideally if this were a perfect world, you could focus on others happiness because you would have someone else to focus on your happiness. The flaw in this is, how would others know what truly makes you happy? Maybe you could talk about what makes you happy. Talking or communicating what brings you happiness, will associate some form of guilt; the reason being, because you should be focusing on everyone else’s needs and wants to make them happy. If you start conversing about your needs or wants that will make you happy, that would be considered the selfish trap.

Maybe we should focus on our own needs and nobody else’s? This theory has flaws as well. The flaw in this is we would get so caught up in our own needs that...
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