In What Ways Was the Alliance System Responsible for the First World War?

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  • Published : August 19, 2007
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World War 1 which was also known to many as the Great War seems to in many ways challenge its explanation of why it happened. What caused the war? Who was responsible? Many authors of books and articles that are written about the expositions of the First World War will be found to most frequently question the ‘causations' and ‘influences' in their writings.

One of the many speculated causations which have been argued was that of the set up for ‘alliance-systems'. It could be argued that the out break of war was triggered by a number of political alliances. Both the triple alliance and the triple entente were both negotiated, like all treaties, by the government. A definition of the alliance system refers to the treaties that were set up across Europe and determined in august of1914. Prior to this in 1907 Europe was divided between two power compacts, these were: The Triple Alliance, which was made up of Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Italy, and the second alliance known as the Entente Cordiale which consisted of France, Great Britain and Russia.

The covert accession of the triple alliance was remained to be in force until around 1915. Some could argue that the truthful terms of the alliance remained secret until after the First World War. However originally it was thought to be a defensive coalition lead by Otto von Bismarck.

Bismarck's theory on the purpose of the triple alliance was a war of revenge for the French who were previously defeated (1871). To Austria the triple alliance held the advantage of working as a protection against the powerful Russia, and also as a means of getting the German support for her aims of the war that broke out in the Balkans. And for the Italians it presented them with the German guarantee of support against any threatening French attack.

The purpose of the triple alliance set up was so that if any of the 3 members of the alliance were under attack or any means of unprovoked aggression, the other members in their...
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