In What Ways Does the Writer Use the Character of Raleigh in This Journey's End?

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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There are many ways of how the writer uses the character of Raleigh. Sherriff uses Raleigh as a way for some of the audience to relate to the character and as a way to emphasise the reality of death. Raleigh’s character is also used to represent all the keen, enthusiastic soldiers and he’s used to develop the other characters. Sherriff uses Raleigh as a way for some of the audience to relate to the character. Raleigh is a new character and is introduced in the play early on. The author may be using Raleigh as a way to teach the audience things about war, through him. He goes through the play learning about war and the other characters. The audience learn a lot of things through him: they “play a bit of soccer when [they’re] out of the line”, “the front line’s about fifty yards further on” showing the audience how close they are and it’s “frightfully quiet” which is not what we were expecting but adds to the feeling of being there. We start the play not knowing much about the war, like Raleigh, and go through the play learning as he does and finally end the play with his death. This bond we have with the character of Raleigh makes us familiar with him and the play and gives the author a character to teach information to the audience. Sheriff also uses Raleigh’s character as a way to emphasise the reality of death. Contrasting Raleigh’s death with Osborne’s, it shows the clear distinction of circumstances. Sometimes a man survives in the war for years, whereas others seem fated to die early. This shows the truthful, harsh side of the reality of death in war and Sheriff can capture it with the introduction of Raleigh, the new character. Raleigh is the novice; he is innocent, enthusiastic and is so keen to be a good soldier. That’s why the author chose his character to die at the end because the death of him would have the biggest effect. The fact that the audience had known Raleigh’s character for the whole play means that his death is more personal, we...
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