In What Ways Does Priestley Show His Message of Social Responsibility in the Play

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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In What Ways Does Priestley show his message of social responsibility in the play “An Inspector Calls”

In the play “an inspector calls Priestley shows him message of social responsibility in 5 ways, through The Inspector himself, my Birling, the younger generation, Eva smith and the actual ending of the play itself. Social responsibility is where the community needs to care about each other or does care about each other but this wasn’t around before the wars. Priestley puts forward his message through The Inspector as a voice of himself. He uses The Inspector to say in the play what he would want to say in real life except he can’t actually walk onto the stage himself and say these things, or it wouldn’t be a play it would be a speech. Some people say that The Inspector is a ghost or a ghoul represented by his name inspector Goole. Priestley gives the inspector knowledge of what the family has done, he already know what the family has done but he makes them all tell each other in an unsuccessful attempt to make them learn their lesson, he makes a reference to the bible in a few ways the most important is that of 1st Corinthians, chapter 12, which is a letter from Paul to a church in Corinth, this church was always fighting each other so Paul wrote a letter to them saying about and it means that everyone needs to work together and every member is the church is needed like the legs are needed to walk and the hands are needed to feel and the eyes and the nose and all of the other parts of the body are needed to ensure a good lifestyle which is the same with the church, everyone is needed from the priest to the cleaners to ensure a good church. The inspector is not impressed and will not be bribed out of this, he also does not bother with threats such as “I’ve been lord mayor for a couple of years ill have you know and I’m still on the bench” which is announced by my Birling before he finds out about Sheila and Eric’s involvement. He has also used Mr Birling...