In What Ways Do Medical Alter the Emotions of Their Patients

Topics: Human resource management, United States Department of the Treasury, United States Secretary of the Treasury Pages: 3 (353 words) Published: February 24, 2013

a. Department in Administrative

Function administrative

* Managing leave applications for staff

*Manage application courses for staff

*Manage the use of Treasury Department meeting room

*Manage voucher checks

*Manage and update the Treasury Department files

*To record a letter out / in the Department of Treasury

*Make arrival report via e-time employees

*Providing office equipment for staff

*Update the online list of connections to information staff

* Process and prepare correspondence and answer and questions from the Departments, Agencies and the public.

* Prepare and arrange the letters in and out of office and file movement.

* General Administration includes activities include handling incoming outgoing mail, meetings, and management of counter services and management of office equipment.

* Managing staff services include the tasks to update the service record, leave, update the result of salary movement, coordination of examinations, training courses, managing matters related to filling the vacancies and matters related to the acting / underwriting work.

* Financial affairs including the preparation of the staff salaries, provision of vouchers and expense management based on the provisions of the Department of Finance approved.

b. Department in Finance

Function finance

*Prepare, control and monitor the use of the financial provisions of the department.

*Conduct the business of staffing, finance, general administration, staff training and other support services to the department's main functions.

* Operating Expenditure provisions in preparation of budgets, procurement, purchasing, payment and accounting. Manage service personnel, appointment, ESISPEN / HRM, leave, change, test, performance evaluation, courses, training, retirement and other related services.

*Receive Payment Penalties and Other Fees

* Provide estimates of the ministry's annual expenditure...
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