In What Sense Does Technology Change Society?

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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There is no doubt that technology is increasingly important in our modern society. It is amazing how fast technology has developed. In the last century major advancements have been invented. Modern society has had a great deal of change throughout the years. With the help of electronics people can also attain information in their home using the Internet. Technology has brought people from across the world together, but at the same time made communication less personal such as with texting and email. It was technology that helped man reach the moon and now we are planning to advance our technology to explore more into space. Technology can be viewed as having changed our culture. Technology is used for peaceful purposes and violence as well. Weapons were made to hunt for food and eventually used on each other since humans learned how to make them. Products such as Teflon and non-stick surfaces, which were created for the space program, make everyday life easier for millions of people. Computers allow us to analyze significant amounts of data and eliminate the need for paper. The Global Positioning System allows us to know where we are located while driving in our cars or using a cell phone. There are so many ways that technology has changed society, it is hard to even count them all. These are just a few ways that technology has influenced society and made our lives easier. With new technology, difficult tasks are made simple and easy to perform. Technology has brought about many changes in how we conduct day to day activities. It is always evolving and with it society changes as well. Aside from doing good technology can be used to cause harm to any society. In American society, teenagers who are our future are using texting in that it was not intended. Texting has become the new thing to do with young adults. Up until 6 years ago this word was not heard of, but now has brought about many legal issues people send exposing messages to each...
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