In Vitro Fertilization

Topics: Pregnancy, In vitro fertilisation, Fertility Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Topic: In Vitro fertilization

General purpose: To inform

Specific purpose: To inform the audience about the process of in vitro fertilization and its benefits.

Thesis statement: In Vitro fertilization is a method whereby people experiencing fertility issues and trouble conceiving children the conventional way may become parents.

Organizational pattern: Chronological

Many people take pregnancy for granted. Most couples assume that when they begin trying to start a family, success is guaranteed. Of course this is true for many couples, but did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control, 15 percent of American couples will fail to conceive after one year of trying? There are many medical issues that cause infertility, but for 10-20 percent of infertile couples, physicians find no definable reason (, 2012). This can be devastating news to a couple that has great expectation of someday becoming parents. With the advances in reproductive technology, there is hope for these couples who desperately wish to have children. One of these advances is In Vitro Fertilization, also known as IVF. IVF, or, in vitro meaning, “in glass” fertilization is the process by which eggs and sperm are combined outside the woman’s body in a glass petri dish and then later transferred back into the uterus in hope of achieving a pregnancy. This amazing technology has been around since the late 1970’s and the first child was born through IVF in 1978. My husband and I were faced with infertility due to his spinal cord injury which made it impossible for us to conceive naturally. IVF was our only option to have a biological child, so I am very grateful for its existence. Because of this, I would like to share some basic information about IVF and its process.

I. Cost
A. A cycle of IVF costs on average $12,000-$15,000 per cycle. (, 2011) B. Most insurance companies do not cover IVF treatment. That means the...
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