In Union There Is Strength

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To our respected instructor, my dear classmates and friends, good day. It is my pleasure to stand before you today despite fright and hesitations. It is not an easy task to render a speech like a politician or a preacher in front of handsome and beautiful people like you.

My chosen theme today is about unity. Teams, clubs, churches, government, corporations – all of those and many other organizations in the world need unity in order to achieve the purpose, goals and objectives being set to reach. Most of all, families, especially Christian families should have the bond to make every member of the household happy and secured.

Aesop, a slave and story teller of the ancient Greece, was the one who introduced to the world the quotation, “In union there is strength”. Let us all focus our minds this time to the brooms that we use in cleaning our house. We use stick brooms made from coconut midribs in cleaning our yards and we also utilize the brooms made of abaca or giyong when we sweep the dust on our concrete or wooden floors.

But try to think if we use only one piece of coconut midrib stick to clean the yard. Is it possible to gather the debris in the yard with such single stick? Try to gather one abaca fiber and sweep the floor with it and it will give you a hard time doing the job.

But if you gather several pieces of those materials and unite them together, the brooms will be useful for their purpose of cleaning our surroundings. Even the feather dusters needed unified feathers to wipe off the dust on our shelves. We need unity in order to survive, we need camaraderie in order to get hold of what we desire to possess.

Virginia Burden, author of North Carolina Museum of Art, once wrote: “Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there”. That is teamwork. All the members of a team should plan together, work together and reach out together in order to reach their goal....
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