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On the night of February 24, 1774, Richard Henry Lee wrote to Arthur Lee saying, “All North America is now most firmly united and as firmly resolved to defend their liberties.” This true matter is shown throughout a series of events and publishing documented between the years 1750 and 1776. Previous to the Revolution, American colonists had become unified together and found their own identity to the extent of forming their own community based on a set belief system.The Committee of Correspondence showed unification between the colonies due to the fact that a man in each colony wrote letters to men of other colonies on what is happening in each community. These letters also provided the start on the boycott of British Goods, showing that the colonies were bonded together by similar beliefs. This was also shown in Document E (Declaration for the Causes of Taking up Arms) created by the Continental Congress in 1775 stating that “the Representative of the United Colonies of North America …” showing a single leader of the colonies. The statement proves there was a united front of the colonies. Both examples of the unity of American colonists show vast improvement over where they were before the change started.

The improvement stated in the last paragraph was taken from a picture in the Pennsylvania Gazette from 1754 (Document A) showing a snake all cut up and each piece representing a different colony. This picture showed no unification and was the starting point of the building process. This was also shown in Edmund Burke’s “Notes for Speech in Parliament” from February 3, 1766 (Document B) where it is stated, “Is there a single Trait of Resemblance between those few Towns, and a great and growing people spread over a vast quarter of the globe, separated from us by a mighty Ocean?” There was no identity of the colonies.

After years of debate, identity started to be seen in the colonies. The Boston Tea Party is one example of forming an...

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