In Turkey Women Statues in the Society

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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There exists an open inequality about the statue of women in the Turkish society. It is observable in any area. At the structure of Turkish family or at the business (?) environment, the discrimination of gender against women is a common case which not be objected to. The statue of women in the society is thought as a mum or a person who must devote herself to her family. However, this idea damages the women’s individual process in any area. Thus, it is obvious that in Turkey, men and women are not treated equally. Firstly, the inequality of opportunity could be observed in business (?) area because the same chance for doing the same jobs is not being given to women as men even though they both have the same features related to the job. To illustrate this claim, while employing, the employer usually chooses a man than a woman although they have similar academic carriers, parallel qualifications and know same number of foreign language. Since, it is thought that women are not suitable employees for business trips abroad or long overtime periods. For example, in some companies, it is a policy that a married woman is not allowed to be employed or to be promoted to a higher position due to the fact that she could be a pregnant and could not deal with her job properly during the period of pregnancy. In addition, the necessity of looking after her family could be shown as a reason of not giving important statues to a woman. The report broadcasted from World Economical Forum also verifies this sharp discrimination. It shows that women in Turkey are not taking adequate part in the world of high-leveled bureaucrats, managers or makers of law(?) with the rate of 0,06.(2006) Hence, this confirms the tabu that some jobs more suitable for men than women. Secondly, it is clearly seen the inequality treat to girls in family. At the general structure of the turkish family, it is a stereotype that female and male children are not treated equally. Everyone...
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