In to the Wild Final Essay

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Into the Wild: A Bush Chronicle
The two novels “Into the Wild” and “An Elephant Crackup?” are both books about struggling to survive against all odds. Also, both articles give a rough outline of our collective human connection with nature, but from different perspectives. In the novel “Into the Wild”, Chris McCandless decides to embark on a journey to Alaska where he faces many challenges.  Via many different forms of transportation, McCandless eventually finds his way to Alaska from South Dakota. McCandless decides to take his relationship with nature to the ultimate level and prove society wrong. Completely out of the grasp of civilization, McCandless fends for his life for sixty seven days. He hunted for his all of his own meals and found his own shelter. Chris was sick of society. He did not agree with the morals that most people share, and he decided to set an example for how he thinks the world should work. Chris was not dumb by any standard, but he lacked in experience, which sealed his fate. I believe that McCandless’ heart was in the right place, he just was not ready to face that daunting of a task. Likewise, In “An Elephant Crackup?” the elephant species also face similar challenges that threaten their survival. The article written by Charles Siebert brings to light the issue of human and elephant conflicts that ultimately end up in the abuse and mistreatment of elephants in zoos, carnivals, and even in the wild. What Charles Siebert tries to convey in his article, is that humans and elephants ultimately need to find a way to live in harmony with one another. This article poses so many questions about us humans’ relationship with nature and her beings. Are we “ruining” nature? Should we remove ourselves from nature in an effort to preserve it? Or should we stay and treat nature and the environment however we see fit? These serious issues are brought up by these authors through personal experiences and past incidents that changed their outlook on...
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