In the Years 1928-1941 Stain Started a Series of Five Year Plans for Industry, How Far Were These Successful?

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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In the years 1928-1941 Stain started a series of Five year plans for industry, how far were these successful? Once in power, Stalin was determined to modernise the USSR as quickly as possible, he wanted to compete with other foreign countries, but also he was afraid of a German invasion hence forth he set about achieving modernisation through a series of five year plans. These plans were set up by the GOSPLAN, the state planning organisation which Lenin had set up in 1921. The GOSPLAN set ambitious targets for the production in the vital industries such as coal and iron. The plans were very complex but by then end of 1928 every worker knew what they had to achieve. The First Five year plans focused mainly on the major industries such as electricity and oil, these were the targets set: * Increase agricultural production by 55 per cent

* Increase industrial production by 180 per cent
* Increase investment by 228 per cent
* Increase sales of production by 70 per cent.

Although most targets were not met, the first five year plan was hailed a success; the original target set in 1928 was nearly doubled by what was actually achieved in 1932. The USSR increased production and the first five year plans created a foundation on the next five year plans. The second Five year plan built on the achievements of the first, heavy industry was still prioritised, but other areas were also being developed; mining for lead, zinc and other materials intensified, transport and communication were also boosted and new railways and canals were built, the most prolific project was the Moscow underground railway which boosted the coal industry. The Industry side was thriving so Stalin wanted industrialisation to help improve Russia’s agriculture; the production of tractors and other farm machinery increased dramatically. Russia emerged powerful and modern state but all this was done at the cost of liberty of people.

It was impossible to house all the peasants who...
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