In the Time of the Butterflies Quote Project

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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In the Time of the Butterflies
Quotes Commentary Pg. 20: I lifted the covers, and for a moment, I couldn’t make sense of the dark stains on the bottom sheet. Then I brought up my hand from checking myself. Sure enough, my complications had started.| This is significant because Minerva’s friend Sinita had just finished badmouthing the dictator Trujillo about how he took power in a dirty way and how he had killed her entire family. After hearing that she was kind of nervous, and a little bit before the nun told her about how to deal with her period (“Complications”), this foreshadows that this is the start of the problems since her father badmouthed Trujillo as well.| Pg. 28: But when we got to this part, sinita kept on stepping forward and didn’t stop until she was right in front of Trujillo’s chair. Slowly, she raised her bow and took aim. There was a stunned silence in the hall.| This is one of the very first acts of vengeance towards Trujillo, and from Sinita, that makes a huge deal because as mentioned before, he is the reason her family is dead. So this really shows what hatred can do, and the punishment she got really shows what Trujillo will do.| Pg. 43: Hilda has been caught! She was grabbed by the police while trying to leave the convent. Everyone in Don Horacio’s meeting group has been told to destroy anything that would make them Guilty.| Minerva’s revolutionary friend has been caught. This is significant because Minerva has been hanging out with her and is a revolutionary as well and she must get rid of the diary that she gave to Maria Teresa. This means that Minerva might get caught and imprisoned as well.| Pg. 51: But I couldn’t reason with herself. I tried a different tack “it’s a dirty business, you’re right. That’s why we women shouldn’t get involved.”Minerva listened with a look on her face of just waiting for me to finish. “I don’t agree with you Patria” she...
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