“in the Novel Tomorrow When the War Began Ellie and Her Friends Were Thrown Out of Their Comfort Zone and Their Normal Routine. They Were Forced Through Circumstances to ‘Grow Up Quickly’ If They Were to Survive!” Discuss

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  • Published : October 7, 2008
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Tomorrow When The War Began, a novel by John Marsden looks at the ‘what if’ question. What would happen if Australia actually was invaded? In this book Ellie and her friends are made to ‘grow up quickly’ and act maturely like adults.

In the book Tomorrow When The War Began, by John Marsden, Ellie, Homer, Lee, Kevin, Corrie, Robyn and Fiona Maxwell were forced to go way outside their comfort zones. This was because of the exceptional circumstances that were thrust upon them. At the start of the novel the group of them were just normal teenagers. They were fighting with each other, arguing with their parents and disobeying the rules. In the duration of the novel they improve their maturity, learn to get along with each other and ‘grow up quickly’, which they did.

In the beginning of the novel Ellie and the others argue, disobey and don’t trust their parent’s decisions. The group was selfish and wanted to just hang out and have fun without any adults around to tell them what to do. Near the start of the novel Ellie brought up that parents always think that their kids are up to no good when they are actually doing the right thing. Then when they think they are a hundred percent innocent they are in the wrong. This behaviour is quite normal for the whole group of them, because they were normal teenagers.

When the teenagers suspected that they were at war, they soon realised that this behaviour wasn’t going to get them anywhere. Fighting, squabbling and arguing wouldn’t help the situation that they were in at all. They all needed to agree on things and take an adult approach on their decisions. And they were faced with very serious, life and death decisions, like when they decided to blow up the bridge
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