In the National Gallery

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In the National Gallery

By | October 2012
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In the National Gallery
The short story is written by Doris Lessing and was published in 2007. The theme is unresolved love and how you need to live in the present. The story is written in a first person narrator, and therefore we do not get much information about the narrator. The reader gets the story from his point of view. The narrator is not very important in the story line, but he is very good at observing what is happening around him, so he becomes important for the story in that way. The narrator is in the National Gallery. He has a free hour left in the Gallery, but instead of going around in the Gallery, he wants to see at a painting he already knows, he wants to see: the Stubbs chestnut horse, he is very fascinated by the painting, and therefore he gets very jealous of the old man because he knows a lot about Stubbs painting and he wants to have the same passion for the painting as the old man has. The old man is about sixty years old and well-presented. He knows a lot about Stubbs painting and has a great passion for it. He acts like a person who knows what is right and wrong until the French girls walk into the room. One of the girls reminds him of a girl he liked when he was a young boy. When the French girl goes over to them and starts sleeping the old man begin to talk to the narrator, about when he was a young boy, and he liked a girl who used him, she was sixteen and she just wanted to see a movie called “The Third Man”. He was very hurt when the girl dumped him, and it felt like he had a knife in his back. The man is very hurt when the girls start laughing at the painting because the painting means a lot to him, the laughter makes him feel rejected just like when he was a child. When the French girl does not see him for the third time and she leaves the room he follows her because the French girl has awakened some feelings in him. The entrance of the French girls is very dramatic, they are very noisy and they are not looking at any...

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