In the "Law of Life" by Jack London, Were You Koskoosh’s Son, What Would You Do to Be Able to Say Most Sensible and Practical in the Situation?

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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The cycle of life and death is always evident in life. Death is as natural as birth. The difference is the way by which the death reaches a person and that person faces the situation. In the “Law of life” by Jack London, that law becomes much more must-accepted in the situation of a tribe whose existence completely depends on nature: Every when the tribe moves from one area to another area for foods, for better weather, the old and sick people are left alone so that they will not be a burden in the migration. It is said that this habit, which can be considered as killing old people slowly and cruelly, is too weird. For Koskoosh, the main character in the “Law of Life”, every second when he waits for coming death makes him have a clear feeling of this strict law. Despite of the law, he still faintly hopes for an exception to himself, which is that his son, the leader of the tribe, will return to bring him together. However, it is such way of life of the tribe. Koskoosh’s son still undergoes as same thing as that his forefather did. If asked what I would do to be able to say most sensible and practical in the situation of Koskoosh’s son, my answer is still the same to this leader. However, with the rights of a leader, I will try to make a few changes in this law, which is shown in the way of leaving the old people behind. There needs to find a safe and warm place for them to reside and peacefully enjoy their last minutes of life, but simply abandoning them to be killed by hungry wolves in such a cold and dangerous place. No one knows whether they cannot miraculously survive until the tribe comes back. Moreover, because they are not allowed to choose to die surrounded by people they love while waiting for their last breathe to stop, it will be more ethical for their relatives to send the regards to the left people for solace. Speaking generally, it is just my own opinions and whether it can be considered a practical thing or not, it depends. Nobody can avoid the...
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