In the Human Mind

Topics: 2003 singles, Spirit, Darkness Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Randon Jay Castro Theme: Oblivion
In the Human Mind
Agitating on a corner
In a room so dark, oblivions clutter
Last thing I knew, there was my Father
The light went out, so did my terror.
But what shoulder or what art
Could twist the sinews of my heart?
Like I never feared anything
Yet the piercing star kept my pain in fringe.
The blazing fire cut through my soul
It poured its wrath on me that made me stumble
Then the silhouette touched me
My body was crushed; mind shattered from the entropy.
I looked up to the skies, hoping to see light
Far and near, no speck in sight
Hopeless was my will, no one to help me
I was empty; my was in anarchy.
Struggling to stand up, yet nothing to hold on
No arm to reach out, no ear to call on
No eye to see me because darkness takes all
There was nothing to break through the great wall.
My body was filled with abrasions
Exposed on the most severe conditions
The impulse of evil still haunts me
But never did it effect iniquity.
I resisted with all my might
Yet only the Supreme One salvaged me
I was free from darkness’ sight
Only to live in love and light.
Every time, it corrupted my mind
How I wished the wicked could stop
But all it brings is demise
Only the Savior could open my eyes.
I was looking for reality
But what I saw was a vile superstition
The human mind lives in agony
Around the caprice of oblivion.
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