In the Bedroom

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In the Bedroom
The film, In the Bedroom, is directed by Todd Field. Is based on the short story, “Killings,” by Andre Dubus. The setting is in a small town, Camden , Maine, along the shore. The film’s main characters are Frank Fowler and his parents Ruth, and Matt Fowler, who is the town doctor. Natalie Strount, Frank’s girlfriend, who is married to Richard Strout and they have two little boys Duncan and Jason. The film is about the murder of Matt and Ruth Fowler’s son. Although Richard Strout pulled the trigger, many people could be the blame for Frank’s death, including himself because they didn’t do anything to stop the violence.

The film revealed a lot of instances where someone could have stepped up and done something before Frank was murdered by Richard. In the beginning of the movie the Fowler family was having a birthday party for the youngest boy Duncan when Richard , his father, showed up uninvited. Ruth and Matt had seen Richard coming through the yard, and said, “Great.” So they knew he must have been trouble. Natalie told Richard they were not suppose to meet until 6:30 at her house and he acted as if he wasn’t aware of her telling him that. Frank invited Richard to go ahead and stay for the party. Towards the end of Duncan’s birthday party Matt and Ruth noticed Natalie, Frank, and Richard having a discussion and Ruth asked Matt;” What should we do?” The situation was still on Ruth’s mind because at bedtime she told Matt, “She still isn’t divorced yet you know. What is he doing with her? He needs his head in school not her.” Frank was suppose to have an interview but didn’t go to it and even lied to his parents about why he didn’t go. Matt knew he had lied because he came home when Frank was suppose to be at the interview and caught him and Natalie coming out of the bedroom. He asked Frank why he wasn’t at his interview and Frank told him they canceled it. Matt brought it up in front of Ruth at Duncan’s ball game, making Frank think...
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