In Search of a Better Me

Topics: Self, Human, Perfection Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 21, 2012
…….in search of a better ‘me’

Developing self irrespective of the surrounding atmosphere with deployment of constant effort is the soul key for self improvement. The phenomena of personal improvement doesn’t mean dealing with your individual problems neglecting or overlooking the various abnormalities & ill-happenings in our proximate surrounding ……it’s about dealing with them too by getting into an active involvement. The scope of personal development exists in each and every aspect of life starting from family & society to workplace. Its often mistaken that developing self is nothing but attaining ‘perfection’ and each effort made towards self improvement should eventually aim at attaining the title of ‘perfect’. But in reality, being perfect is something beyond human limits because we can hardly locate where exactly ‘perfection’ lies. Each and every individual possesses some inbuilt qualities. The qualities can be anything ……such as possessing sound knowledge over something, attitude to learn, capability to lead and so on…..but in some cases for some distinct reasons this qualities lie encapsulated. Effort should be employed to break that capsulation and to uncover the existent virtues lurking underneath the surface. The inner voice that whispers at your ears saying “you are destined to achieve higher heights’’ should never be ignored, because this is exactly the inner ‘you’. The reasons behind incapability in performing and delivering nicely are often hesitation to speak, problem in expressing what you know, how you think and most importantly being conscious about how peoples will react at your action. The point that is to be understood is that , there will always be a group of peoples laughing at your honesty and innocence, distressing you for your dark and black moments and criticising your weakness and neglect all your strength and achievements...
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