In Recent Years Jamaicans Has Excelled at Sports Especially Track & Field. Discus Three Effects This Achievement Can Have on the Nation.

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Track and field is considered as one of the most recognized sporting activity in Jamaica. It is also highly recognized on the international scale as a major sporting activity which is highly favoured among many. Sports can increase a nation’s popularity, as it also uplifts the Jamaican population; educationally, has enhance the tourism aspects of the country as well as creating better infrastructures. Sporting activities in Jamaica can contribute to the country becoming more renowned. Sporting Activities, such as track and field is highly favoured by most countries. In Jamaica, it is highly recognized as an image among the top countries like USA. Usian Bolt, Jamaica’s favourite sports man has contributed significantly towards putting Jamaica among the top countries and has painted an image in the countries history. According to Mr. Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s minister of tourism, “Jamaica’s new move for its tourism markets in China will involve Usain Bolt, the world-famous athletics star”. Because of track and field, foreign individual or groups have keen interest in sporting activities in Jamaica. Due to the fact that track and field is making the country become more prominent worldwide, it has a major contribution towards scholarship that is offered by international individuals and organizations towards the youths of Jamaica. Track and field has given the country a distinctive image in terms of unemployment in Jamaica, whereas it has given the youths an opportunity to excel worldwide and launch into different fields of their career path. Hence, scholarship is given by highly favoured investors who visit the country on a regular basis. This has help to build the country and is highly regarded as a major factor that contributes to economic growth. According to, Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer, WESTERN BUREAU, “Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett's initiative to capitalise on Jamaica's track-and-field success” Also, Track and field has a significant...
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