In Praise of Margins

Topics: Human Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: May 25, 2013
“In Praise of Margins”

“In Praise of Margins” by Ian Frazier, the author argues that marginal places and activities are the necessity of life. For Frazier, marginal places are where you can be yourself and be free. As a kid, Frazier and his friends explored the woods, where they picked blackberries, and crunched ice underfoot. Eventually, Frazier and his friends grew up and no longer found the aimless joy that the woods once provided. However, Frazier reconsiders the woods and explorations he and his friends had there. Frazier now sees the woods as marginal (not in the negative sense), but in the sense that it’s a place to escape and experiment. I agree with Frazier’s recasting of the word marginal: we all need places to get away to be free of rules, expectations and responsibilities.

When I think of Frazier’s views on having a marginal place, I think of a place where you can be who you want to be. Nobody can judge or expect things from you. A marginal place is having a place to free your mind from a stressful day. I think of his views as being a excellent view for every human being. For example, as children, Frazier and his friends went to the woods to escape. In their marginal place, they made up their own activities and explorations such as shooting frogs with slingshots and making forts. These marginal activities made them think they were exploring. To them, they looked at the woods as an escape from the outside world. In the woods, they created a world of their own, where they could do anything they wanted to. As a child, it is good to have a marginal place. It has a way of keeping a marginal mindset. When I was a kid, my marginal place was the park. At the park, you could do anything, but my personal favorite was to rollerblade. It was a mind clearing place from the outside world where people constantly try to judge you. In the park, you could hear and see the beauty of nature: things like the birds singing when you pass by, the water glistening...
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